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Co-Founder and CTO @ Jambool
3 Investments in 3 Companies

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Reza is the Co-founder and CTO of Jambool, Inc. Jambool operates Social Gold, a leading virtual currency and payments platform for social games and applications. Reza focuses on the Social Gold platform, technology and leads the engineering team.

Reza is an 8 year veteran of building complex distributed systems. He led's customer order workflow team and built some of the most high-throughput workflow systems online today. Reza last worked on defining and building Amazon's Mechanical Turk product, as well as hired and led the engineering teams. Reza's expertise lies in building complex, high transaction systems with low tolerance for error rates. Reza was also the single hand behind building Jambool's social games that served millions of users every day with zero down time.

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