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Rebecca is Director of Marketing at Trinity Ventures where she plans and executes outreach initiatives for the firm and works with the firm's portfolio companies.

Formerly, Rebecca worked at the social enterprise Samasource as Chief of Staff and Marketing. Among her many duties at Samasource, Rebecca directed the 2010 Give Work Gala. Chaired by Michael Arrington and emceed by Mayor Cory Booker, the event raised over $350,000 to bring computer skills and digital microwork to marginalized workers who need it most.

Prior to Samasource, Rebecca was a program coordiantor at the Commonwealth Club of California, arranging events and speaker series around people such as Margaret Atwood, Madeleine Albright and Barack Obama with topics varying from politics to environmental issues to technology.

Rebecca graduated from the University of San Francisco with degrees in English and Environmental Studies. She also holds a certificate in Classical literature. She is an executive board member of San Francisco Symphony Symphonix league and a board member of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s SECA (Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art).

Fun Facts: Rebecca researches land conservation and has spent time on the Yucatan Peninsula tracking jaguars in an effort to protect critical areas of the Selva Maya jungle. A native of Montana, she’s an avid fly-fisherwoman.

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    Classical Literature, Environmental Science
    Jan 1, 2009