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Senior Analyst at Forrester Research

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"Rebecca Jennings is a Senior Analyst at Forrester Research. She primarily contributes to Forrester's research for Interactive Marketing professionals. She is a leading expert on how marketers can use new technologies to communicate and build relationships with their consumers. During her seven years with Forrester, Rebecca has been instrumental in the development of key ideas such as Social Computing and has written widely around issues involved with developing cross-channel marketing and media strategies. She is based in London.

Rebecca was previously part of the founding team of the BBC's commercial Web site, She was initially a business analyst and then later moved into the areas of internal marketing and market research. Before that, she spent two years working in strategy consultancy for leading management consultancy firm LEK.

Rebecca has been widely quoted in the press and appears regularly on European television, including CNN, CNBC, and the BBC. She has delivered keynote speeches at many events, including Internet World 2007 in London and Forrester's own Consumer Forum."

(Source: Plugg)

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