Primary Role
Co-founder / CEO at Variable Action
Dartmouth College
May 26, 1984

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Randy Apuzzo is a business owner, entrepreneur, and architect in the digital world. He studied Computer Science at Northeastern University, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a degree in Visual Design and Graphic Design/Letterform. Combining his natural programming talent with his trained design eye is what allows Randy to provide a solution that not only functions beyond expectation but also looks simple and cohesive.

Randy has been coding websites as a hobby since 2001. He began freelancing around 2003, when he founded Jetscram. Jetscram primarily works in business-to-business relationships and offers a variety of services such as website design, branding, digital marketing, and application development. Jetscram specializes in print media, as well as front end and back end web expertise.

Randy has founded many successful small businesses, most recently he joined forces with Andy Fleming to cofound Variable Action, located in downtown San Diego, CA. Variable Action is a company that creates websites, software, and applications, and is dedicated to utilizing the potential of the web through innovative programming and development. The company recently released a website operating system and content management system (CMS) called Zesty.

Randy is well versed in Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Typography, Mootools, SySQL, Communication , Computer Science, Javascript, Regulr Expressions, Objective-C, Interface Design, Interface Development, and Object Oriented Systems.

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