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Venture Partner at Wellington Partners

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Ram Srinivasan is a Venture Partner at Wellington Partners.. Ram is Wellington's hands, eyes and ears in the largest technology ecosystem of the world as he runs the Palo Alto business development office. As an entrepreneur and manager, he has gained over 25 years of experience in engineering and marketing management in the Valley, which he loves to share with the Wellington technology portfolio companies.

Before joining Wellington as a full time venture partner, Ram has been President and CEO of web analytics provider Fireclick from inception in 1999 to acquisition in 2004. He then established their strategic direction, while managing daily operations and technology initiatives. Prior to Fireclick, he was Vice President of Product Marketing for RightPoint Software, helping to re-position the company from its original data mining roots to become a premiere provider of real-time marketing solutions. At Red Brick, Ram led product marketing and management while directing product evolution strategy, culminating in the company's IPO.

With over 25 years experience in engineering and marketing management, Ram has an in-depth understanding of high-technology companies. Ram's technical intuition allows him to cut through technology and focus on business challenges crying for elegant solutions. His penchant for solving gnarly business challenges while bringing along the technical constituency breaks new ground in forming productive start-up teams. Ram brings a combination of discipline and creativity that establishes credibility with all team members, thus making an extraordinary team from ordinary employees.

Ram holds a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering, a postgraduate diploma in Management and a Master of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.

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