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Scientific Co-Founder @ Juno Therapeutics
Washington University
United States

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Dr. Greenberg graduated from Washington University with a degree in biology. He received his M.D. summa cum laude from the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, in 1971.

After postdoctoral training in immunology at the University of California at San Diego, he completed his clinical training in medical oncology and joined the faculty of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Division of Oncology at the University of Washington in 1978. He is currently the Head of the Program in Immunology at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and has a joint appointment at the University of Washington as Professor in the Oncology Division of the Department of Medicine and as Professor in the Department of Immunology.

Dr. Greenberg’s research has always maintained a focus on both basic immunology and cancer immunobiology as a means to develop translational approaches to treat human malignancies and chronic infections, particularly employing adoptive T cell therapy as a strategy to treat patients with antigen-specific T cells that can selectively target their disease.

He has received international recognition as a leader in the field of cancer immunology, as reflected by election to several honorary societies, including the American Society of Clinical Investigation, the American Association of Physicians, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American College of Physicians.

He has also been the recipient of two NIH MERIT awards. In 2010 he, along with past and present members of his research group, received the International Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) Team Science Award for Career Achievements (2010), and in 2011 he shared, with Steve Rosenberg from the NCI, the Cancer Research Institute’s William B. Coley Award for Distinguished Research in Tumor Immunology for their independent studies to develop and translate adoptive T cell therapy of cancer.

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