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Paul Veugen is passionate about online user experience. He brings a history of usability and UX testing to his role as CEO of Usabilla, the easiest and most fun way to collect quantitative and continuous user feedback on a webpage.

Founded in 2009, Usabilla is the Google Analyticsâ„¢ for continuous attitude-based data, and is a web-based usability testing tool that allows marketers, analysts, designers and usability experts to collect visual feedback on their website in a quick and fun way. Participants answer questions with points and notes on top of a webpage, mockup, or sketch. The results of a survey are analyzed and presented visually with charts and heat maps. Usabilla's customers use these visual insights to improve their user experience and optimize their website. Usabilla is currently in use by 10,000 web professionals, and globally recognized brands including Warner, EA, Discovery, LinkedIn, Disney, the Sony, Levi's, and the US Government.

Prior to founding Usabilla, Paul was an advisor and UX designer for Flyers Internet Communications where he helped SMEs to develop efficient strategies for online communications through research, design and development, and coaching.

Paul holds a Bachelors degree in Corporate Communications & Digital Media from the University of Tilburg in The Netherlands.

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