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COO at Dot Registry
President at TV One, Vice-President at HPC-Puckett
Washburn University
March 3, 1966

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Mr. Spurgeon has a passion for bringing a conflicting agendas between various individuals in a transaction to a successful conclusion. This, combined with his relentless persistence, has earned him one of the highest ratio of closed engagements in the industry.

His ability to compile information on what the desired outcome is for each side in a negotiation and than, using both facts and compromise, whittle the outstanding issues to one or two. This narrowing of the discussion results in bringing the discussion to a successful conclusion.

He is likeable and takes the posture that everyone involved in a transaction should feel like they received something they wanted so that no one walks away feeling like they failed in theri negotiaons.

After 25 years and over 200 completed transactions, his experience is so broad he seems to have a solution to what others view as an impossible impasse in a transaction.

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