Primary Role
Founder / CEO at Aware Labs
Arizona State University
February 17, 1979

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Paul Kenjora is co-founder and CEO of AwareLabs, where he is responsible for general and product management.

He left PayPal in the spring of 2007 with the firm notion that he could build web products. For the next year he built one new web product a month. Forcing himself to create and launch an entire product in a single weekend. Some of the results were disastrous, some like his completely fabricated online dance club were surprising and hilarious. One ended up raising $1.5 M.

Paul is now applying entrepreneurship lessons learned to projects focused around economic sustainability at the local level. He believes small businesses producing products and services are the key to our future economy.

He is currently focused on a new means of connecting small business with customers through better transactions and incentives.

He is a mentor at Co+Hoots and an enthusiast of promoting local businesses. Paul's get it done personality is a driving force behind any project he gets involved in.

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