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Pano Kroko is a legendary entrepreneur, Angel, VC and PE investor in innovation towards solving big problems. His investment emphasis is on Biotech, Therapeutics, Internet, Communications, Green Energy, Clean Technology, Renewables, Energy and Environmental Finance. We have a quarterly Business Plan competition for placement in our early stage start up incubator in Washington DC. The Accelerator / Incubator in Washington DC is named H2O and accepts business plans and great idea execution teams right now in all of our areas of focus as well as anything great and promising. Parallel to this we also run the CEP - Clean Energy Program incubator in Oxford UK, and the Biotech incubator for genetics, stem cell applications and telomeres research in Cambridge UK. For our more traditional VC and PE work in the US, the Investment Bank Green Capital Inc is our conduit and for UK and Europe is Green Bonds Investment Bank Plc. Both organizations act as the lever of change for impact investing and corporate investment responsibility to the Finance community. If you or your company is interested in cooperation, funding, deal syndication or simply for submission of Executive Summaries and Business Plans for early stage angel funding and/or inclusion in the H2O Incubator/Accelerator or the Clean Energy program and the Biotech incubator, please contact us. Mr Ruddy Wallace: envpar [at]

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