Paige Craig is presenting at LA Tech Summit 2016 on Oct 25, 2016  


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General Partner @
44 Investments in 38 Companies
Los Angeles

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Paige Craig is a General Partner at Arena Ventures, a seed stage venture capital firm in Los Angeles. Before co-founding Arena in 2015, he was an angel investor in over 110 startups during the last seven years, including companies like Lyft, AngelList, Wish, Postmates, Twitter, Styleseat, Zenpayroll, and Plain Vanilla Games.

Paige spent the first half of his career in the Marine Corps and US Intelligence Community and later launched a defense contractor, driving alone into Iraq in 2003 with just $10,000 and eventually expanding operations across the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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General Partner

Jan 1, 2015 - Current   (over 1 year)
Team Member
DateInvested InRoundDetails
Jan, 2016$4M / Series BPersonal Investment
Dec, 2015$1.78M / Convertible NotePersonal Investment
Jun, 2015$1.9M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2015$3.5M / SeedPersonal Investment
Apr, 2015$1.8M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$5M / Series B (Lead)Personal Investment
Nov, 2014$1.8M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014undisclosed amount / Venture (Lead)Personal Investment
Aug, 2014$1.1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2013$4.5M / Series APersonal Investment
May, 2013$365k / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2013$1.3M / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2013$2.4M / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2013$1.4M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jan, 2013$91k / AngelPersonal Investment
Aug, 2012undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2012$800k / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2012$1M / AngelPersonal Investment
Jul, 2012$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2012$21M / Series BPersonal Investment
Apr, 2012$1.2M / AngelPersonal Investment
Feb, 2012$5M / Series BPersonal Investment
Jan, 2012$30M / Series CPersonal Investment
Dec, 2011$4M / Series APersonal Investment
Oct, 2011$4.5M / Series BPersonal Investment
Jul, 2011$925k / AngelPersonal Investment
May, 2011$1M / Convertible NotePersonal Investment
May, 2011$700k / Series APersonal Investment
Apr, 2011$3M / SeedPersonal Investment
Mar, 2011$6.1M / Series APersonal Investment
Mar, 2011$1.7M / AngelPersonal Investment
Jan, 2011$8.5M / Series BPersonal Investment
Oct, 2010$300k / AngelPersonal Investment
Oct, 2010$150k / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2010$1.1M / AngelPersonal Investment
Aug, 2010$700k / AngelPersonal Investment
Aug, 2010$115k / Series APersonal Investment
Jul, 2010$1M / Series APersonal Investment
Jul, 2010$800k / Series APersonal Investment
Apr, 2010$1.5M / Series APersonal Investment

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LA Tech Summit 2016

October 25, 2016 - October 25, 2016

8:00am - 11:30pm

Fairmont Miramar Hotel, 101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, California, United States

Meet the hottest companies in Los Angeles and learn what makes “LA Tech” the most innovative technology ecosystem in the nation.

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