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Co-Founder/CEO at Moodfish
McCombs School of Business

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Nikhil Daftary is the lead behind Moodfish's short-term, long-term and tactical business strategies. His background, while focused on marketing and finance from an academic background (both undergrad and MBA) is meshed with his tech experience from working with Accenture's CRM practice for 3 1/2 years.

Nikhil has been passionate about music and as of recently has also been involved in the electronic music scene as a local electronic music DJ. During his years working in the corporate world, Nikhil realized that his true passion was in working with startups and young companies so that he could play a direct role in helping companies make it past their hardest first few years.

In his current role, Nikhil believes that the traditional startup model, while successful for many startups, may not be the answer to the success given the current economic conditions and investor weariness.

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