Primary Role
Founder, CEO & Executive Director at Lending Works

Detailed Description


Lending Works was borne from a belief that there must be better way to give customers what they actually want. After eight years in the financial services industry, I began to realise that there must be a better way to give customers what they actually want than what was currently on offer. This, coupled with my technical background and experience in a financial institution, put me in the perfect position to make this happen.

Here at Lending Works we believe in a fairer financial world where real people directly benefit from their financial transactions. Our vision is to create a credible and desirable alternative to high street banks, offering the products our customers actually want, in a fair way.

We are a highly enthusiastic team of professionals, who really care about not only our business, but also the opportunity to make financial services better for customers. We are passionate about providing better products, at a better price, that crucially allow real people to help each other. We hope that you enjoy using Lending Works as much as we enjoy working here.

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