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Neil Roseman is an independent advisor and entrepreneur in Seattle WA. Roseman founded and was the CEO of, which is developing a new way for people to discover and engage with content on the web by using a deep natural-language approach.

Prior to joining evri, Neil Roseman spent more than nine years at, largely as Vice President of Technology. He was responsible for's Digital Media Technologies and Amazon’s Global Subscriptions Platform. In this role, Roseman developed products and software for efforts such as Search Inside the Book, Amazon Unbox Digital Video and the launch of the Amazon MP3 service.

The Subscriptions Platform, which Roseman designed and built with a small team, is used globally by Amazon Prime, Amazon DVD Rental (in the UK and Germany) and other services. Prior to this, Roseman was responsible for many of Amazon's most successful product launches, including Music and DVD stores, Marketplace (Amazon's 3rd-party business), Amazon China and the initial Amazon Web Services product. Before joining, Roseman was at pioneering internet music ecommerce startup Music Boulevard. Prior to Music Boulevard, Roseman was the Senior Engineer at BIOSIS (now part of Thompson Reuters Scientific), which indexes and provides search tools for information the global biology and the life sciences communities. Roseman holds a B.S. in Biology from Temple University.

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