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Ned Hayes is a product management leader in data analytics and mobile phone solutions, based in Seattle, WA.

Hayes is now the product management lead for the INTEL Compute Continuum recommendation framework as part of Intel's Software Services Group.

Hayes was formerly principal product manager for the Meshin project at PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, a Xerox company). Recent press about Meshin includes Meshin-on-Android and a GigaOM-Mobilize-Interview with Ned Hayes.

Hayes helped to create and launch Aro-Mobile, a new intelligent mobile experience powered by advanced data analytics and semantic services for Paul Allen's Kiha Software Group at Vulcan. His work contributed to several of the patents Kiha holds on Aro Mobile.

Hayes was a co-founder of TeleTrust, a telco-identity startup that created a mobile identity used for verification in credit card and merchant services.

Prior to his work on TeleTrust and Kiha, he led identity verification efforts for, and was a leader in mobile phone products for Global PlanIT, Microsoft and Corel. He has also led identity verification efforts based on telco data at TNS TSD (formerly a unit of VeriSign).

Hayes's leadership in identity and mobility services grew out of his long experience as the business manager and lead product manager for Adobe System's Advanced Technology Group, where he drove forward next generation multi-modal solutions, working closely with Motorola, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo and other worldwide mobile and telephony organizations.

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