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CEO @ Teachmeo
New World School of the Arts
February 13, 1977

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Natalie Novoa is an avid entrepreneur, founder of Teachmeo, professional designer and rockstar.

Founder of Teachmeo, DoucheAlert, Sundance Party List, Hottest Happy Hour, SundanceVIP app, The Little Room Studio, & AVehicle4Change.

1. Founded Teachmeo. An international marketplace where anyone who want to learn and or teach can connect via live one-on-one video.

2. Founded, managed product dev, and designed Hottest Happy Hour. The largest online database for happy hours worldwide.

3. Founded Sundance VIP a mobile app and Sundance Party List thereafter for every event at The Sundance Film Festival. Designed both website and mobile app, product dev, and managed both. Sold Sundance VIP, in 2010.

4. Founded and run The Little Room Studio a photography and design studio that has shot over 3k clients in under 4yrs.

5. Founded, designed, project dev, marketed, & sales for AVehicle4Change, an e-commerce.

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