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Narendra Rocherolle is a veteran entrepreneur, designer, and software engineer.

He is currently Co-Founder & CEO of Threefold Photos, home of Webshots. Narendra was previously co-founder and later CEO of Webshots the first photo sharing website, that he and his partners sold in 1999 to Excite@Home. The Webshots assets were purchased back by he and his partners in 2001 as they continued to grow the company into a Top 30 media property until it was sold to CNET Networks in 2004. In 2012, they re-acquired the Webshots assets for a second time (from American Greetings).

He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of the infrastructure applications company, Message Bus, and serves as Curator for the Serendipity Series produced by The Start Project.

He has made many product and engineering contributions the social web. In addition to pioneering photo sharing, the LAMP stack, and asymmetric following with Webshots, he, Nick Wilder, and Julie Davidson were responsible for the shared calendar and lifestream application 30 Boxes. They are credited with originating people centric newsfeeds and portable social identity in the form of hover cards.

As an early advisor and evangelist to Twitter, he was responsible for the first retweet, the first mobile web version of Twitter, embedding media in Twitter streams, and the first article about Twitter to appear in the mainstream media, "Evan Williams is my Tamagotchi."

Narendra has written several articles for TechCrunch as well as GigaOm and The Huffington Post.

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