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Founder @ Singulariteam
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Moshe Hogeg, a serial Technology Entrepreneur and a strong influence in a number of innovative startups over the last few years.

Moshe is currently CEO and Founder of Mobli, Mobli is a real-time visual media platform made up of subject-based channels such as people, places and topics. Mobli enables users to see the world through other people's eyes. There's no doubt that social media has taken the world by storm. However, let's face it, social media was born in a pre-smart phone era. Mobli has created a website integrated to iPhones, Android & Blackberry apps that unlock the power of social media! Mobli unlocks the hidden potential of social media by leveraging the power of smartphones, enabling people to quickly and easily share & experience events via high-quality videos and photos uploaded on-location and in real-time.

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