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VP of Client Services @ Kinvey
The University of Texas at Austin
October 11, 1976

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Morgan Bickle is Chief Technology Officer at Kinvey, bootstrapping the company before the Spring 2011 TechStars class. Kinvey is a backend as a service platform for mobile, table and web applications. He owns technology decisions within Kinvey which have a lasting impact on the product and solve challenges for users. He speaks publicly on a regular basis representing Kinvey. On any given day you'll find him analyzing mobile network communication, scripting application deployment across VMs, analyzing database queries, and working with on IP related tasks.

Prior to Kinvey he held numerous positions at Advanced Micro Devices where he lead the development of an application infrastructure, deployed globally to support their advanced automated manufacturing. He accepted an assignment for the company expat to Singapore for 2 years and to scale out the deployment of the infrastructure to the company's sites in Asia.

Morgan holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin with a minor in Mathematics.

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    VP of Client Services
    Sep, 2010

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