October 2, 1990
New York

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Mike is the Head of Marketing (US) for Conversocial, a cloud solution that enables businesses to manage social media as a large-scale customer service channel.

Previously, Mike worked for the company behind the revolutionary open source, NoSQL database MongoDB, where he managed digital marketing and researched, tested, implemented, monitored and analyzed emerging technologies in order to complete a variety of commercial objectives.

Before that, Mike worked for artists ranging from The Strokes to The Cranberries in an effort to stimulate and grow fanbases using popular technologies and out-of-the-box thinking. Mike also is the founder and CEO of the Social Media Czar, LLC, a privately-held digital media consulting firm whose clients have ranged from real estate agents and rockstars to production studios and artists.

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  • New york university daeed3f6

    New York University

    Business Analytics and Operations Research; Computer Science; Classics