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Managing Partner at Quantum Valley Investments
Founder & Co-CEO at Blackberry
University of Waterloo



Mr. Lazaridis is known in the global wireless community as a visionary, innovator, and engineer of extraordinary talent. He traces his passion for his work to his hometown of Windsor, Ontario where his love of science and fascination with electronics were nurtured in supportive family and school environments.

As President and Co-CEO of Research In Motion (RIM), a company Mr. Lazaridis founded while a student at UW, he is responsible for product strategy, research and development, product development, and manufacturing. Mr. Lazaridis is also a leader in his community and a passionate advocate for education and scientific research. Mr. Lazaridis supports his community and country through generous philanthropic gifts made possible by his success in business.

He has donated $100 million to UW to help establish an Institute for Quantum Computing. Mr. Lazaridis also personally invested $150 million in the Perimeter... See More

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