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Co-Founder and COO @ GrubHub
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Mike Evans is the co-­‐founder and COO of GrubHub. Mike Evans graduated MIT in 2000 with a pile of degrees and an equally impressive pile of debt. Following along the dotcom bandwagon, Mike moved to Chicago to work at While there he came to understand the value of lead generation Internet advertising.

In 2004 Mike wrote version one of because he was frustrated with futilely searching for delivery restaurants and grumbling through inaccurate orders. After refining the website, he jumped ship and went full time to pursue making a real business. Armed with a “Sales for Dummies” book, Mike and co-­‐founder Matt Maloney bootstrapped the business for two years. In 2006, GrubHub won the University of Chicago's New Venture Challenge. The company’s rapid growth has led to five rounds of investment funding, totaling $84.1 million.

Mike attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned undergraduate and masters’ degrees in electrical engineering and computer science.

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    Co-Founder and COO
    Mar 8, 2004

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