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Telco Business Plan Writer at Sun Microsystems
Stanford University

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Entrepreneur. Adviser. Researcher. Learner. Listener. Encourager. Doer.

Disruptive technology architect, imagineer, student of Adaptive Futuretechture. Independent researcher and sometimes investor.

Innovator of Ethernet To The Home (ETTH), co-architect of first 10Mbps, 100Mbps, and 1Gbps fiber optic ethernet to the home; founding Director, Open Access Alliance of the Bay Area (1999-2002).

Served Spaceward Foundation as assistant volunteer coordinator and assembly engineer hand for inaugural Space Elevator Competition (2005).

More recently, Methuselah Foundation Founding 300 investor. Foresight Nanotech Institute Patron. Scientific Advisory Board Member, Lifeboat Foundation.

Current research interests and curiosity driven by existential fascination with human computer integration (yes, integration, beyond interaction), UX, applications for open interoperable activity stream protocols (like salmon), synthesizing salience, extended and augmented (social) cognition, neuroanatomy, HUD dashboard design (see Pranav Mystry, Sixth Sense), AGI in virtual worlds, anti-aging experimental research, general aviation, energy fuel optimization-through-preservation, and public-private resource circulation innovations that address deep economic and social resource skews in order to expand and accelerate the next cycle of capital creation.

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