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As chief financial officer at FireEye, Mike brings over 25 years of financial, operational and business management experience in several private and public Internet and technology companies. Most recently, Mike was chief financial officer at Mimosa Systems until it was acquired by Iron Mountain in 2010. Prior to Mimosa, Mike held chief financial officer positions at Facebook, IGN Entertainment (acquired by NewsCorp), and SonicWALL. Prior to that, Mike was a finance executive at Genesys Telecommunications (acquired by Alcatel) and NetApp.

Additionally, Mike served on the board of directors and audit committee of 3Par Inc. until its acquisition by HP in 2010. He was the CFO at Project Playlist, which he joined in November of 2008. He served as director of the board of 3PAR from Mid 2007 until joining Playlist He continues to serve as a board member. Prior to joining 3Par, Michael served as the CFO of Facebook from September 2006 to July 2007.

Michael also served as the CFO of IGN Entertainment, Inc., a leading Internet media and services provider focused on the video game and entertainment enthusiast markets. As an executive officer of SonicWALL, Inc., an Internet security appliance provider, Michael served in various roles including CFO, Chief Operating Officer, and Senior Vice President of Strategy.

He holds a BS in Commerce from Santa Clara University.

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    Board/Audit Committee Member
    2007 - Jan, 2010

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