Primary Role
Managing Partner at Smash Agency
Saint Josephs College, Rensselaer
October 29, 1981

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Michael Osterfeld is the founder and President of The Michael Osterfeld Company (Operating under Michael Osterfeld Holdings, LLC.). He is a technology and entertainment investment mogul dealing in acquisitions, high-risk investment opportunities, and business operations. He is considered an expert in business development, leveraged buyouts, branding and turn around facilitation.

His initial wealth came from the founding of his first successful company, Osterfeld Models (see from which he built one the largest and most diversified entertainment casting companies in America. (See:

This lead Michael to partner in other entertainment ventures such as,, and American Fantasy Entertainment beginning in 2010. In 2012, he sold the majority of his adult entertainment holdings.

Michael Osterfeld is an award winning film producer, creator and partner in such successful ventures like,, Beach Bum Enterprises, MPCP Brands, and more.

Michael is currently listed as a partner at Smash Agency, a global business consulting, advertising and branding company- targeting Fortune 500 companies in all aspects of business operations and profit expansion.

He is the creator and writer of his personal memoir and blog

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