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Co-Founder at Legalprise, Inc.
Antioch University

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build businesses. My latest is Legalprise; a new type of legal services company.

Before Legalprise I built Blue Ocean Strategy Createware under the supervision of the authors of the book by the same name. Createware is the only authorized practitioner's tool for Blue Ocean Strategy. If you're not familiar with Blue Ocean Strategy read the book, or check out my blog at I'm also a qualified Blue Ocean Strategy consultant: I've passed an extensive vetting process.

Before Createware that I worked at GE as a product manager integrating a badge making product that I developed at Avery Dennison and which GE licensed. I'm also the architect or the core software behind personalized postage, in use by Besides photo stamps and the Photo ID system I built an early long-range RF-ID system for file management and box content identification. I came to Avery by writing the software for the Avery Office Products web print software, called FormsServer. Avery acquired the technology.

Before Avery I built a complex legal expert solution for a large insurance company.

Before that I invented the online pregnancy calendar. I'd like to call it a stroke of genius but it was more a stroke of luck. I was working for Merrill Corporation on a distributed system to manage production through their network of print plants. On my own I tried experimenting with then new web tables to see if I could contextualize information into a calendar format. My wife was pregnant so I used the fetal development information in the books around the house. I built it for her, she gave it to a friend, they gave it to friends and soon it was all over. I sold that to iVillage where it remained their #1 draw for five years, until they rewrote it.

I live in South Florida with my son and two dogs.

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