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Co-Founder at Birthday Alarm
26 Investments in 23 Companies
July 7, 1970

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Michael Birch is the Co-founder of Bebo and

Birthday Alarm.

Birch was raised in North London, England, went to Imperial College, London in Central London (where he met Xochi, his wife), then worked in West London. After finally deciding that he had done London, Michael moved to San Francisco in 2002.

Michael and Xochi Birch sold Bebo to AOL in March 2008 for USD 850 million. Their combined 70% stake yielded a profit of $595 million from the deal.

In June 2008, Michael invested in, and joined the board of, along with Julian Lennon and Gordon Crawford.

He is also an investor in Goodreads, a book oriented social network.

Having worked in a number of not-so-exciting computer related jobs, he relished the chance to set up an Internet based family business with his wife, Xochi and brother, Paul. Remembering birthdays was never his strong point, much to his embarrassment, so what could be better than something he could use himself.

Michael was responsible for developing the original Birthday Alarm website back in 2001, but is no longer involved in its development.

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