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President, CEO, Founder at Fiksu
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An academic turned prolific technology entrepreneur, Micah Adler combines rich industry insight with complex technical knowledge in his role as the president, CEO, and founder of Fiksu. Micah is steeped in the workings of the mobile app ecosystem and offers a unique perspective on the formidable challenges facing app marketers as his foray into mobile began with the release of his own app, Fluent News® Reader. Leveraging his academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds spanning mathematics, computer science, and performance marketing, he developed the specialized technologies, tools and expertise to grow his app business in the increasingly crowded and complex app marketspace. It was from the challenges faced in promoting that app that Micah pivoted the company’s focus to creating a technology platform to help other app marketers promote their apps and rebranded the company as Fiksu (the name Fiksu – which means smart in Finnish – plays on Micah’s Finnish roots).

In addition to all things CEO, Micah also oversees the Fiksu Indexes, a series of industry benchmarks providing insight to help mobile marketers better understand app marketing trends and costs. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at industry shows and conferences.

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    President, CEO, Founder

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