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XSeed Fellow @ XSeed Capital
Stanford University

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Mengqiu Wang is an XSeed Fellow and a final-year PhD student in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Laboratory at Stanford University.

Prior to joining XSeed, Mengqiu was a software engineer at Twitter, where he built their user recommendation engine. Before that he worked on big data analytics at Alibaba Cloud Computing in China as well as on content relevance at Facebook.

Mengqiu has ventured into a number of startup projects in the internet technology space. He is the co-founder of, an online marketplace and consultant network for study-abroad application and essay writing services, as well as Mokini, a tool that aimed to revolutionize mailing list and email community management. He also worked on enterprise software and co-founded Cloud Assembly, a big data analytics startup focusing on data mining and visualization of large-scale ecommerce data.

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