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Mehmet Efe is a technology leader with passion for QA, practicing Agile and collaborative methodologies. He coined the term "Agile Tripod of QA" while working as QA lead at Yahoo!. He is also credited with the phrase: "Quality is far too important to be left to QA team".

While working as a professional Writer and Journalist in Europe, Mehmet discovered the Net. After a BA in Communication Arts, he moved to Los Angeles for a master's degree in Film and became a permanent U.S. resident in 1997. He mastered TCP/IP, Client-server technologies and HTML before English. In 1997, he was with OliveDesign in Austin as Lead Developer and worked for clients like HP, Pervasive and sites like In 1999, he became DM Production Specialist at FrogDesign, and served clients like Apple, Sony, Motorola, Intel, Microsoft; and on enterprise projects like ZuluSports, MySmart, TalkCity, Living, eBenefits,, Access, Intel, Covalent, Trintech, Intershop and Symantec (The Post-Norton, Symantec Anti-virus was his development work). His third book was published while working as a Design Technologist at the San Francisco office of FrogDesign. In 2006 he was leading QA at Yahoo!

After Yahoo! he joined Shopzilla as Director of Engineering running QA department.

In 2010 he was Director of Marketing Operations at Acxiom (ACXM).

He accepted the position of Chief Technology Officer at Shopnation in January 2011.

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    Team Member
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    Director of Marketing Operations
    Nov, 2009 - Oct, 2010
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    Director of Engineering
    Dec, 2006 - Sep, 2009
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    QA Lead
    Nov, 2005 - Nov, 2006