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CTO @ Chango
University of Toronto
June, 1978

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For Mazdak, software has always been a passion. In fact, his commercial software development experience goes back to the age of 15! (His first shareware received Windows Sources Magazine's “Shareware of the Month” mention)

He became one of the founding members of BubbleShare in 2005, a company that was called one of the stars of Toronto’s Web 2.0 world. He was instrumental in the sale of the company to Kaboose Inc. in 2007.

Mazdak and Terry Gregory (BubbleShare colleague) started an incubator project at Kaboose. After leaving Kaboose, Mazdak served as VP of Engineering at HOT or NOT, where he transitioned the development team from San Francisco to Toronto.

He then moved on to the social gaming world as VP of Operations at Tall Tree Games, the creator of YoVille and Fish World.

He's currently CTO at Chango Inc. where he's working on revolutionizing the world of online advertising by combining search + display.

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