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Founder at Pyrus
New York

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Founder of Pyrus. Pyrus redefines collaborative work. It is a platform that supports workplace exchanges, transparently manages responsibility for every unit of work, and streamlines workflows. Our users come from such diverse industries as financial services, manufacturing, banking, software, retail, government, and more.

Pyrus combines task/process management and communication in an intuitive and familiar way. Users assign tasks to each other and approve documents. An issue does not land in your Inbox unless a specific action is required from you. Every conversation or task has one person responsible for it at any moment of time.

Pyrus additionally offers user-defined forms and customized workflows for managing business processes. It allows companies to move from paper and email to structured electronic forms that are quickly and easily customizable. Organizations use Pyrus for customer relationship management, HR, procurement, legal services, marketing, accounting, and much more.

The Pyrus platform is available as a web service as well as a native app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. We support popular cloud storage platforms such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

When organizations switch to Pyrus for their business communication, company-wide email usage typically drops by 50-70%.

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