March 13, 1971

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Matt has worked in the Digital Content industry for over 14 years, working for companies like CoxInteractive, InterVu, Akamai, Inktomi, RealNetworks, Yahoo, and ClickStar. I'm currently working for Level 3 building and launching their content platform.

Extensive experience in platforms that deliver content over public IP networks that leverage client server technologies. I have developed deep expertise in Digital Media services and technologies.

Matt has been a part of many firsts in the DRM industry; from the first live DRM event (Ziggy Marley – House of Blues 1999), to one of the first Windows DRM based Music Stores (BuyMusic), as well as the first On-Line Movie Subscription service (StarzMovies). I helped launch three download music stores BuyMusic, Real, and Yahoo. In addition to the Download a La Carte stores, I have also worked on Rhapsody as well as the upcoming Yahoo Subscription Music service.

While working to bring many pioneering services to market, he have also helped develop many Secure Content product innovations. I lead the development of an overlay DRM management system that helped BuyMusic get to market in as little as two months from project conception. Matt helped design the next generation Helix DRM for RealNetworks, a design that would be the first proprietary DRM system that openly supported a competing DRM content protection standard (OMA2 DRM). This vision of “Air Locking” or interoperability between DRM systems eventually lead to the existence of Real’s “Harmony” technology. A technology that enables content that is protected with Helix DRM to be securely transferred to Apple’s proprietary lightweight DRM called “FairPlay” and eventually transferred to the popular “IPod”.

He was also a core member of Real’s team that gained certification from the FCC for their “Trusted Recorder Technology”. Argued in front of the FCC for Real’s technology solution for the “Broadcast Flag” Certification. During this process, played a key part of the negotiating team that sought consensus on legitimate re-distribution and consumers rights with regard to BroadcastFlag certification across the Digital Content industry. Negotiated with the MPAA’s with regards to their requirement for controls on physical proximity for re-distribution. Based off of these arguments, the FCC ruled in favor of RealNetworks and TIVO, allowing re-distribution of BroadcastFlag protected content beyond arbitrary physical restrictions.

Matt is looking to bring content protection to market that doesn't hinder customer consumption.

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