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Founder/CEO at AHHHA
San Francisco

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In 2011, Mr. Crowe founded AHHHA, an online C2B platform that allows collaboration between innovators and trendsetters. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California AHHHA is a new company and it is the driving force behind social ideation. Matt Crowe’s AHHHA marketplace leverages the power of social networking and crowd sourcing by integrating algorithms to help bring any idea to life. AHHHA brings together people with creative ideas to share their thoughts and receive insight from other collaborators on the web in order to turn the concept into an executable product, business, or social movement. Visitors who participate can stake their claim to a new idea or provide other users with feedback and comments to improve their innovation, with the overarching goal being to produce tangible products and services. He calls it “social ideation,” as opposed to social media or networking. AHHHA has collapsed the highly fragmented process required to turn an idea from concept into a real-world product, service, or company.

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