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Masataka Matsumoto is Chief Strategy Officer(CSO). In 1999, established the joint venture PIM Corporation, combining four venture companies, and served as its CEO.

PIM merged with Yahoo! in 2000 for around 5.4 billion yen. Following the merger, served in the office of the president of Yahoo!, where he promoted investment in Yahoo’s affiliates, and started Yahoo!BB, after which he was assigned to serve as the senior executive manager for Yahoo! Shopping.

He was involved in the purchase of Vodafone. Subsequently, he established a mobile business department at Yahoo! Japan, and served as the director of that department, while he was also serving as the general product consumer headquarters manager of SBM.

After establishing the Yahoo! Phone, iPhone, and JIL (a joint venture between SBM, Vodaphone, CMCC, and Verizon), he took on the role of general manager of research and development and general manager of FE headquarters in 2008, in the development branch of Yahoo!.

In that position, he was responsible for services such as the Top page, EW, Social, and PIM, and managed the front-end development of Yahoo! services.

Served as CIO beginning in July 2011. Resigned from Yahoo! and SBM as of the end of August 2012.

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