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Marketing Director, Google+ at Google
Boston College
May 13, 1973

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nomad, start-up survivor, brand pimp, social media evangelist, passionate dreamer, blogger, geek, propaganda minister, curious curator. the past 15 years have taken me on an amazing adventure where i've turned around businesses, built brands, made clarity from chaos, painted visions and inspire and coach great teams. with a career built on the dotcom boom and at some of the world's best brands, i believe...

... in the user, you will find it. ... without a vision, you're wasting your time. ... holistic solutions can solve big problems. ... that brand and business go hand in hand. ... speed and velocity are non-negotiables. ... people quit bad managers, not bad companies.

who knows why but life has taken me across the nation and almost around the world. through a strong mixture of dumb luck and hard work, I’ve managed to have it pretty good. i've had some incredible experiences and met some amazing people on my journey ranging from athletes to photographers, entrepreneurs to entertainers, business people to everyday people (highlights include James Carville, SpongeBob, MJ/AI/Kobe, my best friend Ginny and my wonderful wife JiYoung).

i’m an avid lover of pop culture, sports and cinema (especially korean). after working in marketing for almost 20 years, i've come to disdain "marketing". brands I personally cherish and respect would be Apple, Google, Obama and of course the Swoosh. true masters of their craft, personal storytellers and exploiters of human potential.

in my 30’s i’ve become a slower basketball player, a 90’s golfer and have developed a knack for organizing around the house (what’s up with that) and still dream of changing the world one day. with eyes wide open, i look forward to whatever challenges, inspirations and adventures life has in store.

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    Jul, 2012
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    Cako Bakery

    Jan, 2012
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    Marketing Director, Google+
    Aug, 2011
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    Aug, 2011
  • Tjiikcwcsseopwkjav7e


    Marketing Director, Asia Pacific
    May, 2010 - Jul, 2011
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    Special Projects Director + Marketing Director for Korea, Japan and Greater China
    Jan, 2003 - Apr, 2010
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    Marketing Director, Online
    Jun, 2001 - Jan, 2003
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    MVP Interactive

    Marketing Director
    Feb, 2000 - Mar, 2001

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