Primary Role
Founder / Managing Director, Europe at Taulia

Detailed Description


As Managing Director for Taulia, Martin Quensel oversees the company's activities in Europe. He has a special focus on projects and delivery with a footprint in product and development. As a co-founder of Taulia, Martin helped to develop the initial versions of Taulia's solution and assisted in making it market ready and SAP-certified.

Prior to joining Taulia, Martin served as chief technology officer at ReadSoft's Lab for Solutions where he launched ReadSoft's new solution, Process Director. Before that he served as board member and head of development at Ebydos. Martin has a proven track record of successful product innovations and developments in the SAP space, including product implementations and rollouts worldwide. Martin started his career as a developer for SAP Financials in 1997. Following this he was a software architect for solutions in SAP's eCommerce and eMarkets offerings, later included in the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) solution of SAP.

In his spare time, Martin enjoys spending time with his two children, friends and family.

Experience (3)

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    Founder / Managing Director, Europe
    Jan, 2010
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    Software developer and Architect
    1997 - Jan, 2002
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    CTO,,Head of R&D