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December 20, 1984

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Marlon Sullivan entered the sports management arena in 2004 as a hungry, ambitious, sports-loving kid.

From 2006-2010, Mr. Sullivan interned at SportsWest Football, a sports agency that represents football players (NFL, CFL, AFL). There he met Angelo Wright, a top agent and owner at the firm, who quickly became a mentor to Mr. Sullivan and taught him important industry skills including contract development, research, negotiating, & finalization, client day-to-day management, budgeting, client solicitation & recruitment and endorsement solicitation, and many other skills needed to manage the lives of aspiring NFL players. Mr. Sullivan says the most important lesson learned in five years at SportsWest Football is "to treat managing the lives of our clients to the highest degree possible; it's a holy privilege to be able to mentor, guide, and advise our clients through this journey we call life."

In 2009, Mr. Sullivan received his Master's Degree in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco (USF). In 2009, Mr. Sullivan traveled to Washington D.C. with 255 other young aspiring sports agents to take the test to acquire his Agent License. After successfully passing his license exam, Mr. Sullivan became the youngest Sports Agent certified with the NFLPA. Over the years, Mr. Sullivan has developed a keen eye in spotting football talent. Mr. Sullivan has recruited talented clients including Louis Leonard, defensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns, Everette Pedescleaux, defensive tackle for the Denver Broncos, and defensive end Josh Gaines from the Philadelphia Eagles. Look for Mr. Sullivan to take that next step in the Sports Management world, who is now a licensed Sports Agent working side-by-side with Angelo Wright at SportsWest Football.

It was at USF where SPANATIX was born and created by Marlon Sullivan and Partner Ajit Sane. They wanted to develop a platform where all sports fans can come together and share their own opinion. A platform which ranks fans on their decision making and how often they are right. A platform where the real sports fan lives. Marlon loves basketball, football, tennis and bass fishing. Marlon is active in the San Francisco community he once grew up in and believes that education is the only way to true freedom and a better society. Mr. Sullivan's favorite quote rings true to his experience "Chance favors the prepared mind."

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