May 27, 1968

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Mark Frazier is an author, researcher and consultant on innovation methods, helping create the Predictive Innovation Method.

He's worked on many innovation projects to create products and improve processes at many organization including: Apple, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Spectrum Holobyte, Nintendo, US Department of Justice, QuadraMed, Nissan, Caterpillar, SKF, BitTornado, Charles Schwab, Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.

He started his career as a programmer delivering the first use of the Statistical Process Control at a US automotive plant leading to 6-Sigma.

In 1992 while preparing for a Ph.D. in Information Theory at the University of Michigan, he was recruited by Apple to work on new approaches to client server computing and data warehousing. One of the result of this work contributed significantly to the Agile software development methodology.

In 1999 he worked on the open source BitTornado project to create and demonstrate business models for digital media without DRM. He produced one of the first 8 video podcasts and demonstrated techniques for using online and broadcast media for integrated advertisement.

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