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CEO, Developer at Make Web Video
December 22, 1972

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Mario is the CEO, Founder and Developer of Mersica Inc.

Originally, from Niteroi, Brazil, Mario moved to Denmark in 1985 at the age of 12. Upon arriving, he joined a youth club, were they had a few Commodore computers. Since then, he's been interested in multimedia programming and his ambition was to become a game's programmer. During his teenage years, he mastered assembler and graphics programming on the Amiga computer and released several demos on the Amiga scene.

In 1997 he graduated as Object Oriented Software Developer and started working in Copenhagen, making computer games for the PC and the Playstation game console.

In 2000, Mario moved back to Rio de Janeiro where he worked for 2 years. While in Brazil, Mario got the idea of creating a web-based graphics editor. However, at the time, browser technologies such as Flash, were not good enough for implementing his ideas. But with the release of Flash 8 in 2005, he began working on the editor as a side project next to his full time job.

Since coming back from Brazil, Mario has worked as a web developer on two of Denmark's most visited websites. In 2009, he quit the job and started working full time developing

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