Primary Role
President of Sales & Marketing at Ad Tech Media Sales

Person Details


President and Co-Founder Fastest Growing Company in North Texas 2010 (Media Marketplace) Launched and deployed with leading agencies the first online media auction. Precursor to the development of online advertising exchanges.  Clients included leading agencies for Glaxo Smith Klein and P&G.(Mobile Marketing Patent) (Granted 3/2014) Systems and methods for establishing a telecommunications bridge between a user device and a node United States Patent #20110080871.

(TLS) Designed and deployed the first platform for the buying and selling of remnant inventory and online performance based display media.  Created custom pixel tracking (Pix Lead) to allow lead based campaign tracking in Doubleclick/Dart. (Right Media Exchange) Was an early adopter and member of the Right Media Exchange.  Single largest buyer of media inventory in 2007and 2008.(Retargeting Agency) Started an advertising technology company from no brand and revenues into a profitable company.

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