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CTO at SnagFilms
Software Engineering Intern at Boingo Wireless, Sr. Software Engineer, Video at VS Media, See All (6)
University of Pune, University of Southern California
New York City

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Manik Bambha has successfully led technology for variety of companies. As CTO of Snagfilms, Manik runs the technology, operations and new media initiatives of the company. Before joining Snagfilms Manik led the technology for a gaming and online events based startup in NYC. Before that he was a key technical leader in Myspace and was involved in Myspace video, Myspace music initiatives that are one of the biggest media initiatives in history. Manik also has extensive experience in online video distribution, online video chat, web and mobile gaming. Manik has got extensive experience in media and CDN space and is heavily involved in boot strapping the media and web arms of company. He has key knowledge in every form of media and bringing media to web and mobile. He has done a lot of work in research and holds 9 patents in field of advanced media, monetization and user discovery. Manik has broad experience from web technologies for large scale sites, video encoding software, MU online gaming, large data storage in PB’s.

Manik has a Masters in CS from University of Southern California and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Pune University.

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