I am Lucian father, teacher and free researcher from Caransebes, Romania hwo share knowledge using web 2.0 , Social Media, mLearning , Elearning , Social Media and Second Life . I am coordinator in many educational projects and my #edtech20 eSafety project was selected finalist in Elearning Awards 2010 ; runner up in the category ENISA silver award for teaching online safety and citizenship organized by European Schoolnet and Enisa . The history of #edtech20 project @web20education. I launch this Free project in the clouds for teachers around the world,, Teach, learn ,play in XXI Century using free tools and applications Web 2.0 , social media in a e-Safety way in education 2.0 “ because in 2010 I was selected by European Schoolnet to work in the TIS – Insafe ; Teaching Internet Safety Project under European Schoolnet... See More