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Co-founder & Marketing at Swayy
Tel Aviv University
April 3, 1985

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After 3.5 years in a top secret intelligence unit where he served as a team leader and a professional trainer, Mr. Degani started to work for IPGallery as a system engineer and after 2 years he was appointed as a senior system engineer at QuadManage ltd. Lior is a 4th year industrial engineering and management student in Afeka college.

Co-founder of Swayy, handling marketing, growth, media coverage, social media and more. Swayy basically brings you the best content to easily share with your audience & followers, based on their interests & engagement.

Also, I'm one of the Co-founders of [SUMMER], an easy way to get information about the people you read about, in articles around the web. Other than that, lives in Tel Aviv, babbling about startups and life around it. probably watched every Seinfeld episode about 20 times, and a huge football (soccer..) fan

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    Co-founder & Marketing
    Mar, 2013
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    Co-Founder, Marketing & Growth
    May 15, 2012
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    Co-Founder, CPO
    Jan, 2011 - Apr, 2012

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