Lee Hnetinka is CEO & Co-Founder at WunWun Inc.

His most recent company, WunWun, an on-demand delivery service, seeks to be “On-demand Delivery from Every Place in Your City.”

Prior to WunWun, in 2009 Lee started his first company out of Highschool disrupting the vacation rental market.

WunWun was Co-Founded by the current CEO Lee Hnetinka. Lee is also Head of Operations and Head of UX/UI at WunWun. WunWun is a company that offers on-demand delivery, they seek to bring you “On-Demand Delivery from Every Place in Your City.” WunWun has been featured on many different reputable news stations such as Bloomberg, News 12, and Fox.Lee Hnetinka explains the business model and services WunWun provides. Lee has also spoken at many events, such as “The Future of Retail: Social Media Week 2014,” as well as the “Columbia Startup Conference 2014.” Lee Hnetinka started a company in high school in 2006 that disrupted... See More

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