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Founder @ GetFeedback
University of California, Berkeley
January 3, 1974

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Kraig is the founder of GetFeedback, a modern survey marketing application that allows anyone to create a visually rich, engaging online survey. The company's technology will automatically render the result perfectly on smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

The product was created based on a simple idea. If 5 Billion phones around the world will turn into 5 Billion smartphones, they way companies engage with their customers, their employees, their partners, and their market will need to change.

A demonstration and examples are available at

Kraig was formerly the CMO at Salesforce. Kraig arrived at Salesforce through company's the acquisition of Kieden in 2006.

Prior to Kieden and Salesforce, Kraig spend time at Grand Central, webMethods, SAP, and Oracle.

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