Primary Role
VP of Corporate Communications at Hightail
Saint Marys College of California
San Francisco

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Kiersten’s golden rule of communications is: always be honest. It’s how she builds trusting relationships with the reporters, editors and publishers who will help her spread the Hightail story around the world.

Having spent her entire professional life in the Bay Area, Kiersten has naturally developed a strong tech industry network. It helped her when she was one of the first few dozen employees at PR startup OutCast Communications and when she took on the task of promoting Yahoo!’s tech credibility in a world dominated by Google. Kiersten’s strategies at Yahoo! were so successful, she was made Communications Director for all of Yahoo!’s communications products. Her love for the challenge of working for the underdog continued during a stint at AOL.

Most recently, Kiersten was a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, overseeing marketing for the venture capital firm’s portfolio companies.

Kiersten holds a BA in communications from St. Mary’s College of California.

If Kiersten had her way she wouldn’t have a profile on this page. She hates to break her silver rule of communications: the publicist is never the story.

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