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Keith Krach is the CEO and Chairman of DocuSign, the industry leader in e-signature automation. Keith also serves as chairman of the board at Angie’s List. He also served as chairman of the board of trustees at Purdue University.

Keith has a long history of leadership, starting with being GM’s youngest-ever vice president at the age of 26 after earning his B.S. degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University and MBA from Harvard University.

Keith co-founded Ariba in 1996, serving as CEO and chairman of the board for seven years. Keith took Ariba public, achieving a market capitalization of $34 billion. In 2000, Ernst & Young named Keith the 2000 National Entrepreneur of the Year. Following Ariba, Keith founded 3Points, an investment holdings firm, where he was CEO.

A celebrated lecturer, Keith Krach has spoken at Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and IMD Business School in Switzerland on a variety of topics including business strategy, technology and how to build a high performance team. Keith Krach has made appearances as a panelist and keynote speaker at Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, National Conference on Trusteeship, BoxWorks 2013, Silicon Valley, Dreamforce, Midwest E3 Summit and Vator Splash SF. He's made several appearances on Bloomberg Television speaking about how DocuSign is transforming customers across nearly every industry.

In July 2013, Keith Krach spoke at the Fortune BRAINSTORM Tech Conference in the "Fueling Growth With Talent" panel about recruiting talent, networking, and supporting women in technology.

Keith Krach had three children before his marriage ended in divorce in the early eighties. He is now married to Metta and has five children; Monika, Steve, Carter and young twins JD & Emma.

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