Primary Role
Founder/CEO at Sunshine

Person Details


Katerina is the Founder and CEO of Sunshine, the first weather network built entirely on mobile.

Katerina is the creative visionary, a modern-day entrepreneur, rebel at heart who enjoys finding new paths in what used to be old territory.

Originally from Greece, she studied Production Engineering at the Technical University of Crete. In January 2013, she moved to Silicon Valley.

Her first visit in the US was when she was studying Environmental Design at UC Berkeley. This is when she experienced how Silicon Valley transforms crazy ideas and designs into life & industry changing products and was eager to get involved.

While fundamentally being a risk-taker, she dropped out UC Berkeley to achieve an extraordinarily ambitious goal: create the world’s first and most accurate weather/environmental network.

But unlike many tech entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who immediately begin hunting for investment dollars, Katerina had to bootstrap her new business from Greece.

Sunshine, was founded in Aug 2014 with Weendy as its first of two products built to create a more social, community based weather network. The idea for Weendy (and ultimately Sunshine) struck while Katerina and her co-founder were straggling to find the best conditions to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity. Weendy, quickly became one of the most engaged and accurate weather networks on mobile.

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