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CEO & Co-Founder at Silvermile
Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

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CEO & Co-Founder at Silvermile.

We aspire to create magical experience through games.

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Early Hire @ Rovio - Responsible of marketing, user acquisition and creative solutions to maximize growth on mobile and web at Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds.

Succesful track record in thriving vision for industry changing solutions in creating new commercial channels on mobile, advertising, marketing, cross-promotion, branding, partnerships, product design and monetizing mobile and gaming.

Starting young in digital design, working with great teams, being part of one of the first successful social gaming company and one of the fastest growing new media company with big number of partners has enabled advantage for fast learning and development.

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I was born in Helsinki, capital of Finland. I have been exploring the world since then and learned new things, skills and new ways of thinking on the road. I was young when I got interested in computers, connectivity, new software, sharing, games, tech and graphic design. I started with street art, design and web solutions for my own fun but it changed fast to more strategic way to earn extra bucks and I got offered a job in digital design with international customers in young age. Since then I have been pushing my vision and learning new ways in digital marketing, advertising, social media, social gaming and mobile gaming to build new ideas to experiences and succesfull and interesting business.

Leading with Vision: The design of new ventures - Vision of future. Creative ideas turned into experiences with powerfull actions based on knowledge and facts from analytics and research.

Past and ongoing commercial partnerships with over 60 of worlds biggest companies on the Fortune global list.

Specialties:Creative solutions and unique ideas to maximize fast growth with performance based marketing, advertising, user acquisition and retention, commercial partnerships, branding, design, ROI, mobile platforms, social platforms, mobile games, social games, new business development, monetising, competitor & business analysis, corporate development, licensing, merchandise, product design, consumer perspectives, user interface design...

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